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      T:021-69962799     699627??98             E:jinhuo@jbdchina.com


      金 霍



      Founder Kim huo, keen to spirit. In 2001, a medical business advertising graphic production business for 10 years; Founded in 2010 the fountain of the company is engaged in the exhibition, logo design and production; Successively service vanke, longhu, jindi, su ning, and many other commercial real estate projects. Comes from the love of spirit, sets up the struggle for Chinese environmental art aesthetics lifelong ambition, spend more time, effort, research and development, production, service, environment art related supporting industries. As the founder of the fountain of positioning the tenet advertisement signs, metal sculpture for the main products; Create the fountain of products durable one hundred exclusive reputation; Clear focus on product, concerned about the staff, caring society as the enterprise core values; Continue to ascend ring art aesthetics and constantly advance.


      創始人金霍, 熱衷于工匠精神。 2001年棄醫創業廣告圖文制作事業10年; 2010年創建金筆達公司從事展示、標識設計制作;先后服務萬科、龍湖、金地、蘇寧等眾多商業地產項目。 源于對工匠精神的熱愛, 樹立為提升中國環境藝術美學而奮斗終生的宏偉目標, 投入更多的時間、精力研發、生產、服務環境藝術相關配套產業。 繼往開來,作為金筆達的創始人定位廣告標識、金屬雕塑為主營產品; 打造金筆達產品耐用百年專屬口碑 ;明確以關注產品、關心員工、關愛社會為企業核心價值觀;持續為提升環藝美學而不斷奮進。